Thư của Sư Cô Chân Mai Nghiêm: Thầy Pháp Đệ vừa qua đời tại San Diego

August 6, 2016

Dear all,

Our beloved Brother Phap De was taken off the oxygen support and continued on his journey 8 minutes before 7pm, California time. …
Just on time to go invite the big temple bell at 7pm 🙂 🙂 🙂

A beautiful representation of the fourfold Sangha was there, together with his sister, his daughter Jessica and her mom.
We spent some time to share with him many fun, joyful and touching memories, and sing songs before they took of the tube and then did some chanting
We chanted the Heart Sutra, May the Day be well and Namo and he passed very peacefully during the chanting. Then everyone had a chance to give him a hug, a kiss, or to hold his hand. It was simple and powerful.

At 7:30 our 200 retreatants were doing the Touching of the Earth and placing their object on the Ancestral Altar…

Thay Phap De’s voice is still echoing in the hidden valley, strong, powerful and as alive as ever.

May we all touch peace in our heart

your sister, mai nghiem

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